Unbridled fears over horsemeat burgers

WE had chicken tonight because my wife was concerned at the sound of neighing followed by sneezing coming from our freezer.

There has been a lot of fuss made over horsemeat being found in burgers which were supposed to have been made from beef.

Some say there is nothing wrong with horsemeat because it is perfectly edible which it is, but what concerns me and quite a few others are the drugs pumped into horses.

It is one thing to unsuspectingly eat a different kind of meat without realising it and quite another to ingest powerful anti-inflamatory drugs which do God knows what to the system because they were designed to help horses not humans.

Criminal connections making a quick buck have been darkly hinted at, but surely what is slowly being uncovered goes deeper than that.

At its simplest it is carelessness on a vast scale and at its most complex and worrying it is light being shone in some very dark places in our food chain.

For if horsemeat is regularly appearing in beer burgers, lasagne, mince and other meals then what else might there be that we simply have no knowledge of?

What about organic products which aren’t, Halal meat which isn’t or products guaranteed free from pork which aren’t?

This whole situation has opened a can of worms and caused a complete crisis in consumer confidence.

Suddenly local butchers are doing a roaring trade on the grounds that their product is more trustworthy than some anonymous national supermarket chain which has no bleating idea where its goat goulash is really sourced from.

Rampant suspicion now exists. Before that, anyone scrutinising a food product label and wondering what “caballus” meant might just have shrugged andt dropped the item in their shopping basket, but now they may well investigate and find the word means “inferior quality horse”!

The simple solution seems to be to exercise a bit of common sense, rein in your panic and don’t saddle yourself with any meat you’re not happy with to avoid any food nightmares.



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