Getting Needled About Spelling


GETTING a tattoo is something thousands of people do every day but it can often be the perfect illustration of the saying, Act in Haste Repent at Leisure.

Perhaps the first thing any would-be tattoo fan needs to check out is that the expert doing the work doesn’t just know how to tattoo but how to spell as well.

You certainly don’t want to go through life cursing a single wrong letter which is what happened to one victim who was less than pleased with “Sweet Pee”!

Likewise I’m not sure about “Tomarrow Never Knows!” or the total disbelief which must have stunned another victim who, when work was finished, was able to admire “Cazy Beatifull”. Not a bad effort from the tattooist who only made three spelling mistakes in two words.

There are also question marks over “To young to die, To fast to live”, an indelible feast presumably caused by “to little education”.

More sympathy should be reserved for the man who decided to express the great love he had for his partner by getting “You’re in my heart” tattooed on his bicep. I doubt he was too pleased – or she for that matter – when he walked away with “Urine in my heart” displayed for all to see!

Many who go under the needle must regret asking for a tattoo including the person who walked away with “Regret nohing”.

There is something alien about certain tattoos, none more so than this one which read “I am a Marshian”, but at least one man’s coming of age was memorable thanks to a huge tattoo down one arm which simply said “EIGHTTEEN”.

Likewise another tattoo which read “Family is Everithing” probably should have been kept in the family especially if your son shows his appreciation with a tattoo which reads: “Thenks mather for my life.” She may be having second thoughts.

Sometimes mistakes happen no matter what, leaving the recipient feeling as if he’s “Dambed if I Do, Dambed if I Don’t” although whether he wanted that to be what everyone saw is another matter.

Some more less than impressive spelling includes “Never Loose Hope”,  “The Sky is the Linit” and they’re bound to be “Finaly Famous” but not for the reason they hoped while for the person who had “I could really use a wish right know” tattooed on their arm then I think we can all guess what that wish might be.

If you are left speechless then “Where words Foil Music Speaks” is for you and presumably the person who had a tattoo saying “On my darkest day you where there to guide me” is still in the dark.

One of my favourites is the proud person who had a torch, five rings and “Oylmpic Torch Bearer” tattooed on their arm.

That deserves a gold medal as does “love concurs all” but can’t overcome spelling problems.

And how about about “Hart Breaker” or “Keep Smileing”, “Never Don’t Give Up” and “No regard for the Consequnce”.

If these ideas were originally designed to get the wearers’ messages known then spelling them incorrectly got the message an even wider audience although not quite how the wearers would have wanted.


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