The Great Storm

THANK God we have all survived “The Great Storm”.

Weymouth wasn’t swept into the sea and Dorchester wasn’t blown off the map, but both towns were given a damn good shaking.

We’ve had winds gusting to 98mph in Portland Harbour and police say more than 100 trees have been blown down all over the county.

Pockets of flooding on rural roads almost everywhere and the A354, the main road artery between Weymouth and Dorchester, was closed for hours by 20 trees blowing down and the route being hit by a small landslip.

Some truly spectacular waves along Chesil this morning and many trees have been stripped of their leaves.

But does all this justify its billing as The Great Storm, a weather monster to rival the Great Hurricane of 1987. The answer is clearly a big “No”.

Twenty-six years ago I stood in an office window in St Thomas Street and watched total chaos descend on the area.

Leaves fluttered through the air as the town was battered by terrible winds, but what people were actually looking at wasn’t leaves but the slate roof of the Crown Hotel being slowly torn off to fly through the air.

Police had to step in and cordon the whole area off with tape because it was too dangerous for pedestrians to go out on the streets near Town Bridge.

We had vehicles blown over, countless trees came down, numerous buildings were damaged and I lost count of how many roads were closed.

Yachts were trashed, local woodland lost thousands of trees and the wind was so strong in places that it bent road signs.

Compared to all that I think our 2013 “Great Storm” has been a bit of a pussycat. Still, better safe than sorry.


One thought on “The Great Storm

  1. Yes, I think there was a lot of media hype building up to this. I suppose they can,t win nowadays. If we,re pre warned then it,s going overboard, if nothing’s said, then questions are asked why not.

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