Seaside holidays

WHAT makes the perfect seaside resort?
Is it the sand blown into your eyes, the sunburn on your back or that dodgy tub of winkles which had you on the toilet all night?
There is probably no such thing as perfection in seaside terms, but there are a number of things which can help make your visit a memorable one.
Take accommodation, for instance, be it hotel, guesthouse, holiday flat, caravan or tent.
With hotels and guesthouses, everyone expects a reasonable standard of facilities so it comes down to the quality of the people looking after you as to whether or not you have a quality stay.
Get a place with a curfew and rules such as “don’t crease the newspaper” and you are unlikely to beat a path back to their door, but get a few unexpected extras such as your favourite cereal, a leaflet map of the town to help guide your stay and a few helpful tips about where to eat and drink and that welcome feel may bring you back.
Holiday flats are great for independence but not so great if they are next door to a 5am disco, so check location and also ask about whether “extras” include things such drying up cloths, washing up liquid and bed linen which really should be standard.
Caravan owners need a site with power and decent bathroom facilities while those opting for “the Great Outdoors” in a tent will also welcome bathroom facilities and a site which doesn’t flood since British weather rarely offers a rain-free holiday and soggy underwear rarely features high on holiday memories.
When all’s said and done you go on holiday to relax, have fun and see a few sights and that doesn’t – as happened to me recently on Crete – include a ruined factory being one of the sightseeing stops!
Check before you go that, if you have kids, there are things for them to do such as a beach with good facilities, a park, an adventure site, farm or other attraction to occupy them. For those parents really determined to relax then those nice people hiring children to pick strawberries may be an option!
Also pay attention to food. If you are self-catering then check there is a decent big supermarket close by or your housekeeping bill may cost more than the holiday and if you are eating out then check that there are family eateries available which don’t break the bank.
If you’ve driven on holiday then transport is taken care of but, for those arriving by train or coach then make sure your destination has decent public transport to ensure you are not totally trapped in the resort of your choice.
You work hard all year, so the summer holiday getaway has to be a highlight of that year and if you put in a bit of research before you go then it vastly improves your chances of having a good time.


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