World War III is getting closer

CAN anyone spot an increased likelihood of World War III coming slowly over the horizon?
We have Hamas and Israel at each other’s throats, Russia’s stock has never been lower, North Korea hates America’s guts (no change there then) and the United Nations is wringing its hands so often they may soon be torn right off.
Much was made of North Korea’s provocative missile testing but the world seems to have almost missed US claims that Russia has broken the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty by test firing a ground-launched nuclear Cruise missile.
Now don’t get me wrong. Maybe America is right and maybe it’s wrong – no more details were provided about the test – but simple logic dictates it is likely to be true since such an event cannot easily be hidden and if the Americans say it happened then it probably did.
If proved true, the launch is at best appalling timing by Russia in the wake of the missile strike against an airliner over Ukraine which cost nearly 300 lives.
At worst it is Russia flexing its missile muscles to show it is not intimidated by worldwide condemnation over the tragedy and that countries would do well to remember that the Soviet Bear has other more powerful weapons at its disposal than those it is claimed to have loaned to pro-Russian Ukrainian rebels.
Whatever the true scenario, tensions are being ratcheted up with arms movements, displays and use on a wider and wider scale to match heavier consumption of tranquillisers at the UN.
The more the world digs the more it uncovers including claims involving British supply of arms to sensitive areas. And I doubt it will stop there.
The only thing at the moment distracting world attention from the Russian nuclear missile is the alarming outbreak of Ebola virus in Africa which is rapidly threatening to catch and overtake the death toll in Gaza.
It is ironic that airlines are now refusing to both fly over Ukraine or into West Africa while you’d have to be suicidal to fly anywhere near Israel.
Fortunately those well-meaning ditherers at the UN have tabled a motion to form a committee to look at making “strong representations” to a man whose second cousin has a nephew whose mother “cleans” for Vladimir Putin to ask if the world can have its peace back….pretty please.
What the UN can even contemplate about Gaza never mind actually do is practically beyond the wit of man to conceive.
In a nutshell, Israel says no ceasefire until we’ve destroyed Hamas’s tunnels, Hammas says no ceasefire until Gaza’s economic blockade is lifted and – although this is unspoken – both sides would like to say: “No ceasefire until you are all dead!”
With such seething hatred it is no wonder that the lights are burning late at the UN.
I personally believe it will be a cold day in hell before the whole Gaza situation is sorted out and I certainly don’t believe there will be any lasting peace in my lifetime.
As for the Ukraine, well I think Russia will just go on being Russia. It hasn’t exactly shown abject terror at what the West has “sanctioned” it with so far and the only real casualty has been Second Cultural Attache Stepan Dekowpat whose import licence on a floral toilet bowl for his mother-in-law has been frozen.
I’d suggest that that leaves the rest of us hoping diplomacy shows a bit more common sense than one schoolboy who asked an adult if the famous World War II 1,000 bomber raid on Germany had used ordinary bombs or nuclear bombs.
It was made plain to him that if they’d used nuclear bombs 70 years ago then we’d still be able to see the glow at night now!
Let’s hope we don’t see any glows at night in 2014.


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