Bangers and mash

REMEMBER, remember the fifth of November, goes the line which refers to “gunpowder, treason and plot”.
That plot 409 years ago failed after 20 barrels of gunpowder were discovered under the Houses of Parliament which could have turned Members of Parliament into MPs or “Mostly Pieces”.
Instead the establishment of the time failed to find anything funny in the incident and later executed Guy Fawkes and seven other conspirators.
But not everything which has happened on November 5th has a sombre side to it.
Take November 5th, 1844, which apparently marked the first successful operation to remove cataracts from both eyes of a grizzly bear!
The same day in 1935 saw the introduction of the Monopoly game while in 1993 it marked the beginning of custody for one teenage thief who tried to rob a glue factory in Brazil. He didn’t resist arrest because he’d knocked over two cans of glue and glued himself to the floor!
Among those born on November 5th are English jockey Lester Piggott, singer songwriter Art Garfunkel, German footballer Uwe Seller and actress Elke Sommer and Indian Test cricketer Virat Kohli.
In America November 5th is the start of Dear Santa Letter Week and there are any number of mildly interesting historical events on the day including Hitler telling his generals in 1937 that he planned to go to war!
There will be localised wars of a different sort with bangers, air bombs and rockets to light up the night sky on November 5th.
If we are lucky enough to get a dry night then reactions to the explosion of colours will be mixed with pets and very young children getting scared out of their wits but most of the rest of us enjoying the show.
There will also be the usual band of heroes letting off blasts before and after the big night, but there you have it. You can’t really complain about that when shops are selling Christmas stuff in August!


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